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Hello & Welcome to Happy Body!

    My Story

    I'm Samantha, a nutritional therapist who graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

    Growing up in France with African origins, I have always had a passion for food. However, I suffered from a severe sugar addiction and was a real fussy eater. My diet mainly consisted of pasta, biscuits and fruit juice. When I was invited for lunch or dinner, I had to call beforehand to check what the menu was because there were so many things I didn't like. It is only in my early 20's that I realised that I had to re-educate myself and started exploring the world of healthy eating. 

    I also suffered from digestive issues for as long as I can remember, feeling uncomfortable most of the time after eating. Removing dairy and gluten from my diet 10 years ago really helped me and gave me the opportunity to dive even deeper into healthy eating to find alternatives.

    The pandemic and multiple lockdowns gave me a real opportunity to look into my life purpose and becoming a nutritionist came as a revelation.

    Coming from a family with a fair share of women's health issues such as breast cancer, fibroid and very painful period, it became clear that the goal of Happy Body is to support women throughout their journey.

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