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Pregnancy Nutrition Support

Maternity Meditation Class
  • Are you pregnant and struggling with morning sickness? 

  • Are you a vegetarian or vegan and are not sure if you're getting enough protein? 

  • Are you confused about what you can and cannot eat during your pregnancy? 

  • Are you suffering from severe acid reflux and have not found a solution yet?


Happy Body is there for you to navigate your pregnancy with confidence.


Here are a few services included in the packages:

  • Simple meal plan (includes food allergies, vegetarian, vegan) with the best food for pregnancy so you don't need to worry about what you can and cannot eat 

  • Tailored guide with what you can eat in your favourite restaurants 

  • Ongoing support throughout your pregnancy (morning sickness, acid reflux …)

  • Bespoke testing and interpretation of the results.

  • Tailored advice to prepare you for labour and partnership with a doula 

  • Post pregnancy support with a simple meal plan (there's less time to cook when baby is here) to optimise breastfeeding 

Pregnancy 3-month package includes:

1x 60min first call

Follow up 30min calls every 2 weeks (6 calls)

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